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nano_tavern's Journal

The NaNoWriMo Tavern
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The nano_tavern was founded 05 October Thursday at approximately 11:35 AM EST, -5:00 GMT. The atmosphere runs from the bright and sunny in the front, the twilit section in the center, the shaded booths towards the rear, and then we have the private, dark rooms. There are booths and benches, stools at the bar, a buffet, even hot cocoa. Unfortunately, thre is no smoking section (although the patrons who frequent the rear tend to ignore the non-smoking laws anyway, not that anyone complains about it, back there).

Decor is, of course, still being arranged; but feel free to bring your characters in for a drink (or a bite).


If anyone wants to have the online equivalent of a write-in on 31 October / 01 November, I volunteer nano_tavern for a meeting place. Even though I'll pay for it for a few days afterwards, it would be fun, and there really is no other way that I can get to a write-in; so it could be fun. Not that I know the first thing about hosting a write-in, mind you. ;-)

I know that the time zones are staggered, but there's nothing against the pre-midnight peopel in one part of the world egging cheering on their post-midnight counterparts, right?